Why plan an income for your retirement?

Most people need to work, to earn an income to provide for themselves and their dependents. However at some stage in life, most individuals who work will either be unwilling or unable to continue working and therefore earned income will cease or drop off substantially (in the event of serious ill health or retirement). Most people therefore need to replace this earned income.

There are three main ways in which this income can be bridged:

  • By drawing on personal savings and investments
  • Relying on Social Welfare Pensions
  • A privately funded pension from employment or occupation

Most individuals will use all three in various proportions to support their retirement years. There is however compelling rationale as to why you should make the most of your private pension option.

There are three very significant reasons why one should maximise your privately funded pension entitlements. These reasons apply to all pension types:

  • There is tax relief available on all contributions paid into pension arrangements*
  • Funds invested in pension arrangements can earn a tax free investment return
  • Part of the pension benefits provided can be taken by the individuals involved as a tax free lump sum

*Assuming that you are a qualifying candidate and are paying income tax.