Are you now a non smoker or e smoker?

As part of our financial service, we wish to ensure that your records with us are accurate. There may be savings if you are no longer regarded as a “smoker”. A strict definition of what a non-smoker is applies. If you qualify, you can significantly reduce the monthly cost of your Mortgage Protection, Life Assurance and/or Specified Serious Illness. It is for this reason we feel it necessary to review our records. If you are now a non-smoker or an e-cigarette smoker, we need to review your plans.

1. Have you stopped smoking cigarettes? If the answer is yes and you have stopped smoking over 12 months ago, then contact us immediately.The cost of your existing lifecover should be considerably less.
1. Have you replaced traditional cigarettes with e-cigarettes? Once again, if the answer is yes, you could considerably reduce the cost. If you have switched to e-cigarettes for over 12 months, it could be possible to half the cost of your Mortgage Protection, Life Cover and/or Serious Illness Cover.

There are only two Insurance Companies in the Irish market currently offering non-smoker rates for e-cigarette users, providing they have not smoked any form of tobacco within the previous 12 months. This classification is being kept under regular review by the Insurance Companies and may change either way based on new research.

The Irish Government has yet to evolve their stance on e-cigarettes; however, it is probable that e-cigarette users in the future will more than likely be treated as smokers by all Insurance Companies. This is due to statistics showing that most e-cigarette users continue to have the odd cigarette or return to smoking. This opportunity will not last and it is therefore important to act now.

If you have given up smoking for the last 12 or more months, contact us now. If you are an e-cigarette user, now is the time to review your Life Assurance and Mortgage Protection. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you can save. Advice however, is important. You need to be careful which of the Insurance Companies you apply to. Money Plus is an independently thinking Financial Broker who can review the market and show you where you will get the maximum savings for your Mortgage Protection, Life Cover and/or Serious Illness Cover.

Act now and contact us on 071 919 400 or by email on You will be surprised at how much you can save. If you have any questions or require clarity on any aspect, please do not hesitate to contact us.