Why Choose Money Plus?

The experienced investment and financial brokers at Money Plus have been in the business of financial and investment planning for many years. They are dedicated in providing bespoke financial planning advice to clients.

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  • Money Plus advises clients regarding areas of interest
  • Our financial brokers are always up-to-date on new developments within the industry
  • We can distinguish for clients how different products from different companies may vary
  • Money Plus identifies your needs and any financial shortcomings that may exist
  • Our financial brokers advise you on the most suitable product(s) for your particular circumstance, all of which will give you the confidence & peace of mind you require to trust the advice provided by Money Plus.
  • When providing advice we consider the adverse impact of investment decisions on sustainability. As part of our research and assessment of products, we will examine the Product Providers literature to compare financial products and to make informed investment decisions about ESG products. We will at all times act in your best interests and keep you informed accordingly. The consideration of sustainability risks can impact on the returns of financial products.

Value for Money

  • We obtain the most suitable policy at the best price in the market by analysing your particular financial needs
  • We evaluate your income against your prioritised needs
  • Money Plus advises you on how best to achieve your objectives & long-term goals
  • We aim to give you the most suitable product at the most competitive price from our extensive list of product providers we hold an appointment with.

Personal, Reliable, Confidential & Trustworthy

  • Our financial brokers are working on your behalf and have your interests as our top priority
  • Our code of conduct requires us to act with due care, skill, diligence and honesty in the best interest of our clients

Speed and Choice

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  • Money Plus will search the market for you and contact all the providers we hold an appointment with & compare each of their offerings
  • We have experience of what different providers offer, thereby identifying appropriate companies and products at a glance
  • We provide choice by examining the different products on offer from a number of providers
  • We reduce the time you spend searching for an appropriate product from suitable financial institutions
  • We will be able to tell you who are the most flexible, efficient and suitable policy providers within the market


  • Money Plus has recently upgraded their office technology to provide a more efficient & effective support to you
  • Electronic Online Applications in some cases means reduced cost & reduced underwriting
  • Money Plus has a direct online access to some companies via their website where speed is of the essence
  • We have the ability to provide current valuations instantaneously
  • Money Plus’ financial brokers provide a topical & relevant e- newsletter regarding items of interest on regular occasions