Prima Finance

Prima Finance are the only firm in Ireland that can offer Debt Management Plans in addition to personal insolvency arrangements and thus offer financially stressed/insolvent clients the most comprehensive range of options and solutions. These include:

  • Personal Debt Management Plans (suitable for 70% + of insolvent clients)
  • Debt Settlement Arrangements (DSA) (suitable for <10% + of insolvent clients)
  • Personal Insolvency Arrangements (PIA) (suitable for 20% + of insolvent clients)
  • Bespoke Bankruptcy Arrangements (suitable for approx. 5% + of insolvent clients)

As an approved agent of Prima Finance Debt Solutions we complete detailed standard financial statements with all clients and then forward these client details to Prima Finance for further assessment and review. Thereafter, Prima then engage with the clients and their creditors to formalise a restructuring/repayment plan involving one of the four options outlined above.

Background to Prima Finance Limited

Prima Finance Debt Solutions is an independent and impartial personal insolvency advisory firm and is at the forefront of Ireland's personal insolvency crises. Prima are the only debt management company in Ireland authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) as a Payment Institution to set up and manage Debt Management Plans. They are also an authroised Debt Management firm approved by the CBI and employ approved Personal Insolvency Practitioners (PIPs) and have legal associates to fast track bankruptcy applications, where appropriate.

If you know of financially distressed clients, we in association with Prima Finance Debt Solutions offer the most comprehensive and most highly regulated range of solutions for such clients.